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Forum Rules

Post  Snow on Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:32 pm

Forum Regulations

These are subject to being adjusted later on, so please check the rules daily.

* No spamming/flooding the forum. - Flooding the forum is where you make the same thread over and over again, in different sections. Spamming is where you're posting useless, irrevelent and flammatory posts around the forum.
* No advertising other private servers. - The keyword in this rule is private server, posting links or redirecting others to other private servers isn't allowed.
* No posting porngraphic websites/links or content - Posting pornograpic websites/links or content isn't allowed. this includes posting the name as well.
* No discrimination. - Discrimination isn't allowed, posting hateful comments, racial slur terms or bashing another person's religious beliefs isn't allowed. Racial jokes aren't allowed either.
* Flaming/Baiting. - Please don't flame other members of the board, if someone's flaming you then contact a forum moderator to report them and the comments will be removed and the person will receive their punishment.
* Evading Ban - If your main account is banned, and you re-create another account to evade it, then the ban time of your main account will be extended and all alt accounts will be permanently banned.

If anyone breaks the rules, please be sure to report it to a moderator and they'll take care of it. Don't take it into your own hands and try to handle it, and end up flaming or breaking a rule too. REPORT!

This applies for the chat box as well.
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