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Application Process

Post  Nysha on Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:28 pm

Well guys, if your on this forum, its or one of two reasons. Either your already in this amazing clan. The only clan in darkgunz who cares about its members enough to actually host its own forum, or you want to join it! So here is the deal .. If you want to apply for this clan, just follow the simple format below, and create a thread in this section. Any post that is not an application will be deleted, and ur post count will be fixed. Any spam or post that is in reguards to a member joining should only be posted by an admin of the clan, and should be stating your approval for this member. Any breaking of this simple rule of this thread, can result in an infraction, and if repeated multiple times, will result in a banning of your account. Severe cases will result in losing your position in the clan.

** Example Application**

Name : Name123
In-game name : Name123
Clan Before Us : Clan123
Reason you left or where fired from that clan : Reason~
Why you think you would be of good use to the clan : Reason~

Anything else that will help us make a disicion : Reason~


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